KHL. Barys – Lokomotiv. Press conference (video)
22 қазан

A press conference was held with participation of head coaches of the teams after match Barys - Lokomotiv (1:4).

Igor Nikitin, Head Coach of Lokomotiv

- We played well, but we gave up the initiative at the end of the second period due to penalties. Therefore, the third period was spent in two-pronged attacks. Special teams have decided everything today.

- How do you assess Anton Sagadeyev's play?

- It's hard to say, because he played only the second match after a serious injury. Of course, we will help him to get into the game.

- This is Artyom Anisimov's first match and the first goal. How would you comment on his game?

- Artyom is an adult, experienced hockey player and the fact that he scored a goal is a big bonus. We always need such experienced players.

Yuri Mikhailis, Head Coach of Barys

- There were no team actions in the first two periods, they were more limited to individual actions. In the third period, there were more assists since they began to open more for each other. However, the penalties let us down again in the end. Guys did a great job in terms of commitment, they tried their best.

- In the first period, you held the match with Starchenko as the top liner, then Lilja returned to the team.

- For previous games, Roman Starchenko and Jacob Lilja had some problems with goals. Probably, it was worth changing something so that they felt that they could score. And they know how to score. In the game with SKA, Roman scored, and you saw how happy he was with that goal. It was hard for him to play in the game with Dynamo from Minsk. But the guy hit the ice and worked out the whole game. Today it seemed to me that the first three players did not have a collective game against opponent. You've seen for yourselves that we were bumping into a wall. That is why we had to return Lilja.


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