Samat Daniyar: We need to get into starting lineup and prove our worth
06 may

Open training session of the Kazakhstan national team for the media was held at
the Barys Arena today. Barys defender Samat Daniyar gave an interview on the
training process.
- Samat, did you have time to rest before the start of training camp?
- We had about ten days after the end of Nomad matches in the Kazakhstan
championship. I had time to rest, I did not train at all. Then we started training on
an individual program. Everything is fine, we have the power, and we are training
with a good mood.
- This is your first call-up to a national team before such a serious start. How
does it feel? And how would you rate your abilities?

- I have great feelings at the moment. Of course, I want to play at this level, I want
to try my best. The games will show whether Im ready or not. Now we need to get
into starting lineup and prove our worth.
- You played two-way matches. How did they go overall?
- It was clear that some of us have not played for a long time, but everyone came
out on the ice with a great desire to win. The first match was a bit chaotic as there
were a lot of losses and technical defects. Then the coaches helped with an advice,
and everything was just fine. In the second match, we played strictly according to
the task and showed a different hockey game.
- So far, you;ve been working with Viktor Svedberg. Do you get along with
each other?

- Yes, I am playing with him for the first time. He is a very good and experienced
defender, he has been playing for a long time. I can learn a lot from him. We keep
in touch freely, he knows some words in Russian, which everyone understands
easily. I understand some English words as well. Everything is fine.
- Will the recent extension of contract with Barys give additional motivation
to you?

- Of course, this situation gave me positive emotions and new strength. Now I will
play more relaxed. This is a big advantage, I will try to justify the confidence and
trust given to me by coaches.
- Teams will live in Riga in the bubble. If you get into the final lineup, have
you already decided what you will do during your free time?

- We have already been informed that we will move on the same route: hotel - bus
- arena and vice versa. We will probably take a video game console and books with
us. We will spend more time focusing on recovery. It is not the first time for us to
live according to the regime.