Roman Savchenko: "I have never met Barys fans more gratefully"
27 july

Barys defender Roman Savchenko spoke about his vacation and shared his thoughts on the younger generation growing up in the club system.

- Roman, welcome back! Did the memories come flooding into the locker room?

- Of course, I can consider this locker room as my second home( smiles ). I met with the guys, in general, we kept in touch with some of them. We immediately met the new guys.

- Tell us how you spent your summer? Did you have time to relax or prepare yourself for the new season?

- I spent my vacation in the capital, since April I managed to discover many beautiful places in my Motherland. I visited the Seletinsky canyons, in Akkol, was in the East Kazakhstan region on the Blue Bay. And, of course, I was engaged in favorite hobby - fishing.

- Did you have any offers from other clubs?

- There were offers. I chose Barys because I wanted to stay at home. I have family and friends in Kazakhstan.

- You have conducted several trainings with young guys from the club system. How do you assess their potential?

- The young guys are all pretty prepared. But only by means of attempts, the fulfillment of a sport task and discipline, the best result is achieved. The fact that they are in the club system already evaluates them as potential professional athletes.

- Now you are one of the most experienced players on the team. Are you ready for the peculiar role of a mentor?

- I will never refuse advice or request, I am always ready to share my experience. But everything should be in moderation. I don't want this to turn into obsessive lectures.

- The training camp begins, this is probably the most unloved time for the players. How do you prepare for training camp, for loads?

- Yes, the training camp has begun. But I personally began to prepare for a month ahead individually in the gym. The system has been worked out for years, I do not keep a diet, but I have no bad eating habits either.

- The composition of the team has been decently updated. What do you think, what can the fans expect from Barys in the new season?

- The new season always brings new expectations, not only for the fans, but also for the players. We are very dependent on the atmosphere in the arena, we would like the audience to be allowed into the stands. We hope not to disappoint our fans. They are our tremendous support! I have never met Barys fans more gratefully.

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