Nikita Mikhailis: Trainings are going quite serious
05 may

Open training session of the Kazakhstan national team for the media was held at
the Barys Arena today. Barys forward Nikita Mikhailis gave an interview on the
training process.
- Nikita, how did you spend a short period of time between the end of the
KHL season and start of training camps?

- I got some rest, went to a trip to warmer climes with my girlfriend and friends. I
had full recovery, and spent a little time without hockey as well. Upon arrival back,
I immediately started training: gym, additional time on the ice, I skated with a
coach in particular, and worked on individual skills. Now I am training with the
- How do you assess your current physical condition?
- After the rest, I have been gradually getting used to trainings. At first, I started to
work on myself, then with the team. Training loads are growing. We will sum up
the final results of our work at the World Cup.
- Your combination with Valk and Savitsky scored a lot of points during the
two-way matches, including five goals scored by you. What are the reasons for
such good teamwork?

- They both have great skills, ability to pass at the right time and to score.
Everyone game thinking is the same. It will not be difficult to find mutual
understanding. But these are only two-way meetings, now we need to focus on
improving our game. It is necessary to pull up the chances on powerplay and the
game in offensive zone. We communicate with each other, discuss the moments
that were right or wrong. I think it will help us to improve our game even more.
- You have not previously competed at the World Championships in elite
division. Now what emotions do you have before this tournament?

- Yes, trainings are going quite serious. I want to fly to Riga as soon as possible
and start the tournament to try my best and show a good team game. We are
targeting only a victory in each match.
- Do you follow the news regarding opponents camp?
No, I do not really keep track of the news. Now we are fully concentrated on
training process. Everything depends on us, so we need to focus on ourselves, not
on our opponents.