Dmitry Gurkov: It is necessary to break a series of failures, and the situation will get better
27 october


Forward Dmitry Gurkov, who scored his first goal of the season in match with Sibir, summed up the meeting in Novosibirsk, and noted about competitive spirit of the team for the upcoming matches as well.

- After probably ten minutes of the game, we got involved, rolled in, and started to play according to the task set. In the second period, I think we took the lead. It's a pity that we couldn't take the second point, although we clearly deserved more.

- Matches with Sibir usually turn out to be quite tight-checking and with a small number of shots. Why is this game an exception?

- Perhaps it's because of such a busy calendar. All teams have competitive spirit. They opened up immediately and ran to play catch-up. The third period and overtime were already tight-checking struggle. As a result, we got to the shootout.

- Could you tell me about the first goal of the season?

- The guys played well, putting some pressure on opponents. It turned out to be a good rebound, I was able to run away and score. But in this episode, I need to highlight everyone who was on the ice.

- Today your line got enough playing time. Given the truncated line-up, did you have any thoughts that now it is you turn to make the result?

- Coaches set a task before each game. Nothing has changed before the match with Sibir. The only thing is that you are constantly in a good shape. Thanks to the coaches for their trust. The team fought a lot, everyone for each other, everyone understands the responsibility as well. Particularly in front of our fans, who always support us. Truncated line-up? It brought us all together even more.

- A difficult trip to the Far East is ahead. What is the mood of the team for the upcoming meetings?

- The most important thing is proper recovery right now. Everyone understands that we have to win. We have already shown that we can outplay any opponent. It is necessary to break a series of failures, and the situation will get better. Of course, when preparing, our coaching and medical staffs take into account the time difference and other nuances. It is obvious that all teams are playing hard in the Far East, but we will only go out to win.

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