WC 2021. Kazakhstan (blue) – Kazakhstan (white) 3:6
29 april

Today, the first training session of the Kazakhstan expanded national hockey team took place at the Barys Arena. Training was held in the format of two-sided game between the blue and white teams.

It should be noted that before the start of the match, players of the Kazakhstan national team observed a moment of silence to the memory of sports fan Lyudmila Kufonina.

The match ended with a victory of white team with a score 6:3. Barys forward Nikita Mikhailis scored a hat-trick for the winners. Roman Starchenko, Curtis Valk and Kirill Savitsky each scored once as well. Dmitry Gurkov, Pavel Akolzin and Yegor Petukhov were goalscorers for the blue team.

Blue team's lineup: Demid Yeremeyev, Leonid Metalnikov, Ivan Stepanenko, Yegor Shalapov, Valery Orekhov, Dmitry Stepanov, Pavel Akolzin, Anton Sagadeyev, Dmitry Shevchenko, Alikhan Asetov, Sayan Daniyar, Arkady Shestakov, Dmitry Gurkov, Yegor Petukhov.

White team's lineup: Andrey Shutov, Alexey Maklyukov, Darren Dietz, Viktor Svedberg, Samat Daniyar, Kirill Polokhov, Adil Beketayev, Maxim Musorov, Dmitry Grents, Artyom Likhotnikov, Alexander Shin, Roman Starchenko, Kirill Panyukov, Nikita Mikhailis, Curtis Valk, Kirill Savitsky.