Alexey Zubov: "It was good to make my debut at this level"
17 september


Barys forwarder Alexey Zubov shared his emotions after his debut match in the KHL.

- It was good of course to make my debut at such a high level. I wish we could have won. In the first period, I probably had excitement. But then we played more confidently. I'm glad the coaches trusted our line to play. Probably, we made more mistakes in this match than the opponent. Now we need to forget everything and tune in to Jokerit.

- How is the KHL fundamentally different from other leagues where you have played before?

- First of all, the speed of thinking is different. You need to react faster, make decisions faster, as all the teams immediately go to the shortlisting. You are to navigate the ice very quickly.

- What do you think you personally need to add to gain a foothold in the squad?

- I need to play more confidently. Most likely, this will come with time. I am for sure to add in my "physical condition". There is more contact and power hockey here, you constantly need to go to martial arts.